Adjustable glass louvres

Louvre windows have adjustable glass blades which allow the user to control the flow of air by changing the pitch of the blade. The louvre window allows the greatest flow of air of any window when fully open. Large windows have the ability to have some blades closed while leaving others open. Both sides of the glass can be cleaned from the inside for easy maintenance.

The louvre blades come in 102mm and 152mm wide style & there is also the option of the intergrated insect screens as well as security meshed screens.

The adjustable glass louvres can also be automated so there is no more use for manual labour just to add that extra modern class.

Privacy/fixed louvres

We can design and manufacture aluminium privacy louvre screens for windows and outdoor patio areas to screen off surrounding neighbours. Installation of aluminium privacy louvres will offer increased privacy while maintaining air flow.

Aluminium louvre screens are available with a choice of blade design and frame types. They can also be fitted so that they are able to be positioned in any location on a sliding extruded track & can also be designed to use them as adjustable louvres so that you can operate the angles of the blades with the simplicity of a discreet handle.

Louvre screens can be custom designed to fill empty spaces of various shapes and sizes and will compliment the existing architectural features of the building.