Glass Doors

Bifold doors

Frameless bi-fold doors are made up of glass panels that are top hung and fold back upon themselves, either left or right, inside or outside & has no bottom guide or tracking leaving a clear opening for access with no trip hazards. A popular choice in the commercial industry for restaurants, bars & taverns as well as corporate offices.

Pivot Doors

The frameless pivot doors are a very popular solution in the commercial market. If it’s an up market home, a high end office or a main entry to a building or shop they are choosing the frameless solution. It is a clean crisp look which adds that extra class. There are also a number of elegant handles that can be chosen to your preference.

Stacking Doors

The frameless stacking door is at the top of the list when it comes to the commercial market. Its clean look over a large opening makes you wonder how it all goes together. From its concealed top hung tracking, the heavy duty rollers & the stainless steel bottom rails just add more elegance to this style of door. Once all doors are in the opened position you will be amazed of just how much room it only conceals for such a large span it closes in. This style of door can also be used in a segmented opening with a very easy to operate method.